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Characteristics Of The 3 Most Popular Stones

We love to rock our customers with our knowledge and expertise on natural stone. Here are some characteristics of the 3 most popular stone types:

GRANITE – is a naturally occurring igneous rock and its strength comes from its density. Granite will allow for a small amount of liquid absorption, but it is resistant to scratching and does not react to most acids, making it a great fit for kitchens. The natural beauty of granite means each slab has its own unique colour and veining, and no two slabs are ever the same.

QUARTZ – is a man-made product comprised of quartz minerals, and safe, inorganic pigments bound with resin.  The resin makes for a completely solid, non-porous surface, which allows for easy cleaning. It comes in a variety of different patterns which include solids, bold colours, and options that mimic the look of other natural stones.

MARBLE –  is a type of Metamorphic rock. Marble has higher water absorption rate, and lower abrasion resistance compared to granite. It’s also reactive to common acids used in a kitchen such as, citrus juice, tomato juice, and acids found in wine. Although impractical for the kitchen, it makes an elegant counter surface for bathroom vanities and offices, with rich veining, and deep contrasting colors. Marble is also an excellent choice for bathroom floors, tub decks and showers.