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Why Granite Is A Great Choice

Why choose Granite?

Granite compliments any decor and is resilient – yet elegant, and virtually maintenance-free.

It cleans easily, endures spills, hot pots, and sharp knives with ease and resists most stains.

Nothing surpasses its natural beauty and elegance.

Granite rewards your investment with years of efficient use.

Nothing will add more depth and character to your kitchen, bathroom and other living spaces than granite countertops.

Our granite is naturally beautiful, with subtle inclusions and veining in colors from vibrant reds to classic blacks and warm earth tones.

Family-owned and operated, Classic Granite Works has been serving in the heart of Central Alberta since 2005. They’ve specialized in custom stonework for decades. Having many years of experience means that your project won’t have expensive surprises that may happen with a smaller, less experienced company. It is this workmanship and expertise that sets Classic Granite apart to be the best choice for all your natural stone needs.