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Custom Granite Products In Red Deer, Alberta

An igneous rock (formed by the cooling and solidifying of molten materials) composed chiefly of quartz and feldspar, granite is one of the hardest surfaces on earth.

As a product of nature, no two slabs are ever the same. Making granite one of the most versatile and unique products on the market. Each piece is a unique work of art with beautiful veining and variations in color and pattern. Because of the considerable variation it is wise to visit the stone yard to choose your own piece.

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The Granite you have purchased is a very versatile material that has a luxurious look and feel as well as durability. Granite does require some maintenance in order to maintain this luxurious look. Normal good housekeeping should be applied such as immediately removing spills of any type.

  1. For everyday cleaning use a soft sponge or dish cloth with warm soapy water, (use just a drop of mild detergent).
  2. For stubborn or greasy clean-ups use a gentle liquid cleaner like Simple Green or ordinary dish washing soap.
  3. Never use abrasive cleaning pads as these may dull the surface.
  4. Abrasive or acidic cleaning agents should never be used on granite.
  5. If you have a tough to remove stain, it may require a poultice to remove.
  6. Wet white paper towels and a safe cleaner and remove excess liquid until there is no dripping. Wet area with water.
  7. Apply poultice to stained area, ensuring that the poultice extends beyond the stain by at least one inch.
  8. Cover with plastic and tape the edges to seal it.
  9. Allow to dry thoroughly, approximately 24-48 hours. The drying process will pull the stain out of the granite.
  10. Remove the poultice, rinse with water and buff dry.
  11. Repeat if stain is not fully removed. It may take a couple applications to fully remove.
  12. All granites now come with a resin coat from the factory. Talk to your fabricator in regard to the use of sealers.
  13. Use a cutting board. It may be tempting to use the granite surface to slice foods, but don’t do it. While granite is scratch resistant, it isn’t completely impervious to scratching. And you’ll also save your knives, which are not as hard as granite and will become dull quickly if used directly on the stone.
  14. Granite is extremely durable. Though placing a hot pot or pan on it briefly might not damage it, it’s best to use a trivet beneath it, especially if you need to set a heated pan down for longer than a few seconds.

Follow these simple care and use guidelines so your Granite countertop can provide you with many years of trouble free use.