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What Are The Benefits Of Under-Mounted Sinks?

When upgrading countertops to granite or quartz, many people opt for under-mounted sinks as well. Unlike traditional, drop-in sinks which sit on top of the counter, under-mount sinks are actually mounted and secured to the underside of the countertops. With this look we polish the edge of the countertop framing the sink, giving you a beautiful finished look. Here are a few more reasons we love under-mounted:

  • There is no lip to catch dirt and debris – this makes clean up a breeze because you can wipe up spills or sweep crumbs directly into the sink.
  • Eliminating the lip also frees up counterspace which can make a big different in a small kitchen or bathroom.
  • They are a stylish addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Having an under-mount sink offers a more streamlined, high-end look which compliments granite and quartz.
  • The sinks themselves come in a variety of materials, colours, sizes and shapes and we can custom cut the countertops to accommodate whatever style you choose.

At Classic Granite Works, we offer Kitchen and Vanity sinks in many different styles using stainless steel, ceramic or glass. Visit our showroom to see the options.