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4 Steps When Building Or Renovating A Kitchen

Building or renovating a kitchen can be an overwhelming process and it’s difficult to know where to start, but we have some tips to help guide you and make the selection process fun and stress-free!

  1. Do your research! Browse online resources like Pinterest and Houzz to find kitchen styles you love, then save them on your phone for when you go shopping. You might find a trendy blue cabinet that catches your eye, but if your dream kitchen is light and airy, having those inspiration pictures will help keep you on track.
  2. Already picked your cabinets and backsplash tile? That’s great! Just ask your supplier to borrow samples so you can bring them into our showroom while you’re shopping for countertops. It will help you find the perfect match.
  3. Don’t wait to pick your appliances, sinks, and faucets. Many people think that since these are the last to go in, they can make these decisions at the end. But we actually need this info when we template for countertops. If we don’t have these on site (or at least the manufacturer specs) we can’t plan for sink cut outs, appliance sizes, and faucet locations. It’s better to plan ahead and avoid unwanted surprises like a range that doesn’t’ fit!
  4. Consult an expert. You have questions, well that’s what we are here for. We can help you decide on countertop materials, sink options, edge details and more.