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Granite has become the ultimate choice for kitchens.

Whether you are building a home or remodelling, granite is both durable and beautiful. Some misinformation surfaces from time to time about the use of granite, and specifically granite countertops. Unfounded information is posted on the internet about granite, and we want to address some of these statements.

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Granite Works

Can granite harbor harmful bacteria?

This is simply untrue. You can verify this fact with both the Centre for Disease Control and The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health who found no evidence of it.

Does granite contains harmful radon gases?

There is substantive evidence showing that this is untrue. In terms of building materials, radon emissions from concrete, cement and gypsum could be of greater concern than granite.

Can granite be repaired once it is scratched?

Most granite surfaces are almost impossible to scratch and, should the unlikely happen, there are a number of companies that sell equipment and abrasives for resurfacing and polishing granite. We are able to do this service for you, should you so need it.

Is it true that Solid Surfaces will not stain and granite will?

Another untrue statement, especially with natural stone surfaces. Some granite needs to be sealed to eliminate staining – a simple, infrequent process which again we will provide.

Is it true that Solid surfaces will not burn or be affected by heat?

This is true of granite, but, manufacturers of solid surfaces claim heat resistance of up to 100 degrees C or 212 degrees F, while the average oven goes up to 204 degrees C or 400 degrees F.

Can Granite countertops be made seamless?

This is partially true. Today’s modern methods allow extremely thin and the seaming in granite that is virtually unnoticeable; and our granite is available in large slabs which in turn will make for fewer seams.

Granite is difficult to clean.

This is a totally untrue statement. If you can clean and sanitize other surfaces, you can sanitize granite countertops.

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