How We Make Our Stone Products

About Some of our Tools

A block saw, or gang saw, cuts the massive stone blocks into slabs. A bridge saw is then used to cut the stone slab into the proper shape for its application, whether it be a countertop or a sink.

Polishers grind down the naturally rough surface of the stone to whatever finish the consumer desires. Hard stones like marble and granite can be polished all the way to a mirror finish. The polisher consists of rotating pads which are surfaced with an abrasive substance. Most modern polishers can produce a variety of finishes, from the smooth, soft look of a honed finish to a slick, shiny mirror finish… even decorative finishes like flamed, tumbled, or hammered. Routers create edge profiles on a slab, and cut designs on larger pieces like fireplace mantles and hearths. There are dozens of standard edges for countertops and tables. The end product is a dazzling work of art that is pleasing to the eye, and will beautify your home.

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